Academics Calender

June - College opening
July - College opening
Aug. - Parent’s meeting (16th Aug. 2013)
Independence Day – (15th Aug. 2013)
Sep. - Teacher’s Day (5th Sep.) Hindi Day (14th Sep.) – (I – Unit Test) – (28th to 30th Aug. 2013)
Oct. - Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct.) – Fuel saving ralley. Guest Lecture on Eng. Sub (Prof. Dalvi) I Term Exam. (21st to 31st Oct.)
Nov. - Diwali vacation (1st to 19th Nov.)
Dec. - Aids Janajagruti week (1st to 7th Dec.) Bank visit of commerce student – E.V.S. Tour – Nandur Madhymeshwar Science Exhibition in Bhausaheb Nagar, Niphad (third prize achieved) by Bothe Priyanka & Gadakh Ashwini
Jan. - Cultural Programme (13th to 17th Jan.) Republic Day Celebration (26th Jan. 2014) Jeevanshali saptah (21st to 30)
Feb. - II Unit Test (1st week) - Guest Lectures (12th to 15th ) Jagtik Marathi Rajbhasha Din. (27th Feb.) – Essay Competition
March - 1 Orals 8th March Jagtik Mahila Din. Project Submission and Final Exam.
April - 12th Std. Classes (1st to 30th )