Computer Lab

Lab users must sign in and out of the lab.
NO FOOD, DRINK, OR USE OF TOBACCO IN ANY FORM is allowed in the labs.
Mobiles are not allowed in the lab.
TURN OFF CELL PHONES! If you need to use it, please take it to the hallway.
No game is allowed to play on computers.
Lab users should maintain professional and courteous communication. Electronic devices should be used on a professional level. No obnoxious or belligerent behavior will be tolerated.
Please operate the equipment with respect and care.
Activities in the lab(s) that are considered by the lab aides to be abusive to the software, hardware, and\or personnel may result in expulsion from the lab(s) and denial of future use of the lab(s).
Excessive use of paper and materials may require reimbursement to the lab. Paper being discarded should be placed in a recycle container.
The lab aides are here to help when they can and to maintain the labs' operation. However, the lab aides are not here to do your work for you. The lab aides will refer students to their instructors at the lab aides discretion.
Software may be installed by Computer Labs staff only. Do not install any software on your own. Files not put on by Computer Labs staff will be routinely removed.
Do not modify any software or files. Do not overwrite the operating system, modify the autoexec.bat or config.sys or any other system parameters.
For any hardware, software, printer, paper, or ink problems, please contact a aide.
College policy requires compliance with all U.S. copyright laws. Copying software without appropriate authorization violates these laws. Illegal use of materials in the labs is grounds for denial of use of the labs and confiscation of illegally used materials.
Any failure to follow these lab rules may result in the loss of your lab privileges.


Physical fitness,leadership and corporate discipline are valuable assets forAny failure to follow these lab rules may result in the loss of your lab privileges.

Sportsincipal,who is its president and the chairman,who is the member of the staff and is placed in-charge of sports activities of the College.
The College Gymkhana Provides, at present, for the following games and sports on the premises of the college.

Volley Ball
Major Indian Games and Athletics