About The Library: Established in June 2013.

Special Features-

§  Separate Reading Rooms Facility boys and girls

§  Computerized Library

§  Reading room Facility

§  Departmental Library facility

§  News paper cutting and update notice boards.

§  Regular Text books , Reference books and other reference materials are available.


§  Loksatta

§  Deshdut

§  Sakal

§  Maharashtra Times

§  Times of India

§  Gavkari

Magazines –

Library Services –

 Library provides following services

§  Book Lending

§  Identity cards Services


Library Membership-

§  All students admitted in college, Teachers.

§  General Readers as per Rule.

Library Hours –

§  Monday to Friday from 8:00a.m to 3:00 p.m.

§  Sundays, College holidays and National Holidays closed.

Identity cards –

  • Every student member has necessary I Card.
  • Without I Card Library Reading Material are not issued.
  • Each member should show I Card to the Library authority at the entrance in the Library or circulation counter.
  • I Card valid for the year only.
  • In the event of I card lost, the holder of this card must bring the notice to the Principal or Librarian.

Book Circulation

  • A book will be issued to a student only in exchange for one of his/her member account.
  • In return a book to the Library on or before due date .If not return in due date he/she pay due charge.
  • For Reading Room purpose book will be issued on I card and this book will be return same day.
  • Before leaving the counter a member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound condition. Otherwise at the time of the returning of the book he/she is liable to be asked to pay the cost purchase new copy of the book
  • No Student will be allowed to the take in the Stack room bags or other similar material.
  • While inside the Libraries and Reading Room no member will be allows break the silence by talking or by action of any kind, eating food, sleep on the table
  • Do not damage to any fitting, furniture, books or other kindled reading material of the Library

General Rules

  • Mobile is not allowed in Library campus.
  • For detailed rules see the Notice Board in Library.
  • Any difficulty about Library immediately contact to the Librarian

·         The Library remains closed on Sunday and on College Holidays. 

·          The Library is, however, kept open even on holidays during examination season for the convenience of Readers.