Principal Desk

Mr.Sharad Pandharinath Kadam

On behalf of K.K.Wagh English school, kakasaheb Nagar I would like to Welcome you all. We are the school, who aims at providing holistic education of global standard arousing aesthetic sense, ensuring physical, mental and moral growth and ingraining the attitude of service before self.
I believe, education is being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t. It knows where to go to find out what you need to know and it knows how to use the information once you get it. As it is said “Education is the greatest and sacred asset in the competitive world and overall development of students is the aim of education”. The educational needs of today are different from those of the past because of growing competition and progress of Science and Technology.
We at K. K. Wagh have a multicultural students group hence we teach students the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture, discipline, values and integrity. I wish to enable our students to be creative, competent and progressive as well as responsible persons. I am proud to say that our students perform excellently in academics, sports and curricular activities with joy, interest, sensitivity and awareness during the process of learning.
The development of young minds into well integrated wholesome personalities is consciously monitored through the concerted efforts of the teachers and the emphasis is laid on ‘’learning by doing” with experimentation, innovation and free sharing of ideas.
I sincerely hope that our institution will help in building up academic excellence and all round development of child.
So, Dear children move ahead with the spirit “We can do it” and we will do it. Luck favours those who are prepared. So, study with dedication and you will have whole worlds of opportunities waiting for you.
I greet all the new students who secure admission in this institution and wish them fruitful and bright future. With warm regards.

Meet Our faculty

# Photo Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr.Shinde Vikas Sahebrao Asst.Teacher, B.Ed (Org.Chemistry)
2 Mrs. Adhav Sonali Nanaji Asst.Teacher B.Ed
3 Mr.Aware Ganesh Karbhari Asst.Teacher MA.B.Ed. (Marathi)